A Whole Lotta Love/Mercy Live

March 9, 2024

Here’s a clip from the Ludlow Creek CD Release Party in 2022 of A Whole Lotta Love/Mercy. Special thanks to Ray Monell of Monell Communications for shooting and editing this clip.

The sun sets on Eldorado Brown

March 9, 2020

“All things must pass” George Harrison The sun is finally setting on Eldorado Brown, at least in my eyes. The band ended in the late summer of 2019… July 27th to be exact…just 2 hours before performing at a private party. The end was ugly, to say the least, with nerves frayed and jagged. But… ( read more )

Sweetwater Gearfest

July 10, 2017

sweetwater gearfest

Recently I was fortunate to join the Bose “Club B” team with Eldorado Brown at Sweetwater’s Gearfest 2017. Eldorado Brown uses Bose gear for all our shows, and it is truly amazing. If you’ve never been to Gearfest before, I’d start making plans to go next year, as it is a free event where you… ( read more )