Genre: Rock, Americana
Release Date: 2021

  1. What About Love (single)

Groove Elation

Genre: Jazz / Blues
Release Date: 2019

  1. Philly Blues
  2. Do Like Eddie
  3. Red Baron
  4. Groove Elation
  5. Back In Effect
  6. The Champ
  7. Oakdale Shuffle


Genre: Rock
Release Date: 2016

  1. Invisible Man
  2. Happenstance
  3. Merry-Go-Round
  4. Start All Over Again
  5. Long Time Comin’
  6. I’m Goin’ Down Again
  7. How Long
  8. Twilight
  9. Running Back To Me

Hands Of Time – Southbound

Genre: Southern Rock
Release Date: 2015

  1. Instant Replay
  2. Nine Mile Road
  3. When I’m With You
  4. Hands of Time
  5. Now I Can Bleed
  6. Picking Up The Pieces
  7. She’s My Baby
  8. Freedom Blues

Christmas Around The Corner

Genre: Holiday: Compilation
Release Date: 2015

  1. Let It Be Christmas
  2. Christmas Time Again
  3. This Baby Boy
  4. I Wish Everyday Was Christmas
  5. Father Christmas Baby (feat. Angel Belle)
  6. It’s Finally Christmas (feat. Rock Bass)
  7. Christmas Eve
  8. Christmas Time for Them
  9. It’s Christmas (feat. Kid Norkjen)
  10. Heaven’s Angel

2014 Christmas EP

Genre: Holiday: Pop
Release Date: 2014

  1. Carol
  2. This Baby Boy
  3. What Child Is This?

It’s Not What You Think

Genre: Smooth Jazz
Release Date: 2003

  1. Too Many Cars
  2. Kinda Like Bob
  3. Biahya
  4. Smoothie
  5. And The Rain Falls
  6. The CopyCat
  7. It’s Not What You Think

12″ singles

Two cover art

Lauren Grey & Leah Landis – Destiny

Genre: Dance
Writers: Jeffrey Friend, Tom Weisser, Zummo
Release Date: 1987 Dice Records

Two cover art

Kym Yancey – Making Money

Genre: Dance
Writers: Jeffrey Friend, Kym Yancey, Taylor, Jaye
Release Date: 1986 Dice Records

Two cover art

Lauren Grey – Irresistible Love

Genre: Dance
Writer: Jeffrey Friend
Release Date: 1985 Emergency Records

Two cover art

Lauren Grey – Putting The Night On Hold

Genre: Dance
Writers: Jeffrey Friend & Tom Weisser
Arrangement: Jeffrey Friend
Release Date: 1984 Dice Records